Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What ages can someone box on the team?

A: 8 to 35.

Q: When does the team/class workout?

A: Team works out Mon, Wed, Fri from 6 to 8pm. Class works out Tue & Thu from 5 to 7pm.

Q: How can I sign up for the team/class?

A: Show up during gym hours to sign up.

Q: Do you take beginners or the inexperienced for the team/class?

A: We take all levels of experience for both the team and class. Inexperienced boxers on the team will not spar until the coach allows it.

Q: Can I sign up for the class if I’m under 18?

A: No, we recommend you sign up for M/W/F workout. It’s a more age-appropriate workout.

Q: Does the class spar?

A: No.

Q: What is the class workout like?

A: The class does the same conditioning exercises and drills as the team, except sparring. It is a no-contact workout.

Q: What equipment do I need to bring?

A: Handwraps. You can get some at our gym if you don’t have your own.